[Pre-Order] MacaMOON 中秋馬卡龍月餅 Gift Box 2019 Voucher

[Pre-Order] MacaMOON 中秋馬卡龍月餅 Gift Box 2019 Voucher

from 388.00

Enjoy “August Special Price - MacaMOON Gift Box” at $388 or “One Bite One Sip - Organic Tea & MacaMOON Package” at $438 until 31 August 2019!

8月31日前預訂「八月優惠」價$388一盒或 $438訂購「One Bite One Sip」全天然種植茶葉及MacaMOON 禮盒套裝!

More about our partner The Third Day 第三天 & Thailand Beauty Tea 泰北美人茶葉:

The‭ ‬Third Day‭" ‬is the time‭ ‬required to transform freshly-picked tea leaves‭ ‬into‭ ‬the‭ ‬tea‭ ‬we consume‭, ‬and it was also the day‭ ‬all the plants in the world were created‭. ‬Our vision is to restore‭ ‬the ecological equilibrium‭ ‬and bio-diversity of land‭ ‬by utilising‭ ‬a farming practice called “Do-Nothing Farming Practice”‭ (‬aka Natural Farming Practice‭)‬‭, ‬thereby maximising the value to farmers‭, ‬the environment and consumers‭.‬‭ ‬We‭ ‬are committed to bringing you‭ ‬produce‭ ‬that are closest to the natural growing‭ ‬pattern‭, ‬so you‭ ‬will‭ ‬enjoy‭ ‬maximum health benefits‭. ‬

「第三天」是採茶到成茶的時間,也是相傳世界上所有植物被創造的日子。我們的願景是希望透過「無為種植法」‭(‬Do-Nothing Farming Practice,又稱自然農法‭)‬,恢復農地自然的生態平衡及生物多樣性,為農民、環境及消費者創造最大的價值。我們致力為顧客帶來最接近天然生長模式的農產品,讓您享受最大的保健效果。

Thailand Beauty Tea is highly fermented black tea with sweet and honey-like aromas. The tea is in amber colour, smooth on the palate, mellow with a long-lasting sweet finish. The tea carries the attributes of “Oriental Beauty Tea”, legend has it that after the Queen Elizabeth II tried it, she gave it the name. Our beauty tea is planted in northern Thailand with a natural flavour of the area.


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Your MacaMOON. Your Way.

<A truly unique Mid-Autumn Festival experience with MacaMOON>


Mid-Autumn festival is where merriment and laughter fills the air. This year, give your beloved ones traditional heartwarming sweet delights of the season with a completely new taste.


Little Miss Macarons has prepared scrumptious surprises for you. Our “Seven stars and a moon” macaron mooncakes embody the Chinese traditions with French elements!

Little Miss Macarons 特意為今年中秋推出一款創意十足的七星伴月馬卡龍月餅-MacaMOON!糅合中法魅力,為你帶來驚喜!

MacaMOON is the perfect celebration mooncakes for families welcoming a special Mid-Autumn festival in a French taste.


22cm x 22cm x 8.5cm

Enjoy the early bird price at HK$338 until 31 July 2019!

‭Please choose a pick up date when pre-order. ‬

‭If required, please contact us 3 days in advance to arrange alternative pick up date.‬



VALID PERIOD : From 24 August to 13 September 2019‬

有效日期: 2019年8月24日至9月13日‬

REDEMPTION LOCATION: Little Miss Macarons Workshop, Unit 19, 8/F, Block A, Hoi Luen Industrial Centre, 55 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (12nn-6pm, Tuesday to Saturday)‬

換領地點:Little Miss Macarons Workshop九龍觀塘開源道55號開聯工業中心A座8樓19室 (星期二至六,中午12時至下午6時)

STORAGE : keep in refrigerator (4 degrees C) for 5 days or freezer (-18 degrees C) for 30 days‬


Flavours 味道

*<Ginger & Sesame>芝麻姜湯圓*

A familiar taste in Hong Kong resembling the chewiness of a “Tong Yuen” with ginger, white and black sesame


*<Sea Salt Caramel> 海鹽焦糖*

Rich chewy caramel created with natural English sea salt flakes and fine French butter


*<Raspberry Dark Chocolate> 黑巧克力紅桑子*

Intense aroma but well balanced cocoa flavour from the Amelonade Forastero cacao bean grown on São Tomé, with refreshing homemade raspberry jam


*<Choan Matcha> 長安抹茶*

Deep flavour created with fine quality Choan Matcha from Marukyuo-Koyamaen


*<Tangy Passionfruit> 清新熱情果*

The perfect balance of sweet and sour with tropical Passionfruit